How do You Talk to Your Children?

Everything you do is driven by unconscious programs that you take on board during your first five years!

This includes:

  • What is safe or not safe - who to trust
  • What is fun and what makes us sad
  • How to behave around other people - respect or lack thereof
  • Your understanding of discipline and self discipline - or lack thereof
  • How relationships work
  • How to manipulate others
  • Right and wrong

and many many others. Most importantly our underlying awareness of self and our value in the world is determined also  during this important period of our lives.

In fact your entire basic belief system and Values are formed during this time and most people spend the rest of their lives behaving according to these beliefs and Values. The scary thing is that almost everything that drives our behaviours and choices during our lives comes from the unconscious recordings of OTHER peoples behaviour, especially parents and grandparents.

So, how to you talk to children? Do you make a concerted effort to give them a good strong self image and moral or ethical behavioural patterns, or do you just let them do what they like?

Unfortunately in our modern world so called social workers have laid down a pattern of lack of boundaries or discipline which often results in selfish generations with no respect for others. These behaviours stem from the fact that 95% of the human race in our modern world have poor underlying self images.

Combine this with an accepted social avoidance behaviour of being obsessed and addicted to our phones, ipads and computer screens and we have the makings of a very serious problem.

This in turn damages our ability to form relationships of any value, with most new relationships with potential partners or friends, and even business relationships lasting less than 2 1/2 years.

Without an understanding of how to create and maintain strong mutually beneficial relationships society is starting to disintegrate.


Find out the TRUTH about what makes relationships work or fail, and how to fix them. Watch this short video!

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