Sex, Money and Rocky Roads

The vast majority of relationship, of all types, hit rocky roads at some point, or often!

Some cause arguments and conflict, others destroy the relationship completely.

Research shows the two key drivers that push our interaction onto the rocks are most often sex and money.


Because these two “Values” are more often than not driven by our underlying self-image and are highly emotive, they are the core of rejection and personal value and are easily made unstable by the way we treat each other.

In personal relationships sex and money are the most often quoted cause of a breakup. But if we dig a little deeper it is the lack of congruency between two individual’s belief systems, and the lack of tolerance for another’s point of view that creates the problem. The Values of sex and money are just the tip of the iceberg, but they both carry such high levels of emotional insecurity that they appear to be “in your face” causes of disharmony.

The same applies to the strains of friendships, family and business relationships. Splits are often based on our lack of tolerance to someone else’s views around these two elephants in the room. It’s not just personal relationships that are affected.

Friendships often breakup because expectations are different for each person in this relationship – or one yties to turn a friendship into something else that the other does not want. Or sharing of the cost of outings becomes a problem.

With families it is often money that causes the rift, often creating a split that can last for years.

So in order to deal with these issues it is important to open and keep open the lines of communication. Text messages or emails don’t cut it. Communication face to face is still the best way of keeoing relationships alive and avoiding having the elephants in the room stomp all over you.

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