A few days ago I had a phone call from a long-time friend, wanting some advice about a life that she had assumed correctly lived. However, often her life did not go as she planned and thought she was a victim.

Why did she believe she was right? It was because she had been told by friends and had looked at an endless plethora of opinion on Google and Facebook that she should be allowed to do whatever she wanted in this life. “Think it and it shall be so!” is the catch cry of the misinformed or lazy – yet very few of these gurus ever create what they want unless their faith filled minions send them money for that advice.

Well, let’s look at that philosophy in the real world.

There are ALWAYS consequences for your actions. An unconsidered word or action affects the way others see and interact with you. If they take offense that will damage your relationship with them. CONSEQUENCE.

Having unprotected sex that produces another life as an unintended consequence will not only affect your life but will potentially destroy the quality of life of the child if he or she gets ANY awareness of not being wanted or loved from the unconscious behaviours that you exhibit. CONSEQUENCE.

If you create any atmosphere in the home of anger, anxiety, discord or just plain ignore your children as being a nuisance, especially during the first vital five years, you are setting your children up for a life of distress, anxiety disorders or mental health issues. CONSEQUENCE.

If you think you have the right to show up at a job interview looking like you had slept in the car the chance you will get the job is practically zero. CONSEQUENCE.

If you speak your mind without considering the viewpoint of the your audience you will probably partly or completely destroy that relationship, costing you friends, family, jobs, sales……..  CONSEQUENCE.

There are always consequences for our actions.

Yes you have every right to do things your way, say what you want, live the lifestyle you want and affect the lives of everyone around you. It is your right to live without any kind of emotional intelligence – but you must be willing to pay the price for that freedom and lack of consideration for others. – there is always a PRICE. And you WILL pay the price.

As a species, the human race will soon pay that price collectively.


Gary Johnston

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